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Life Is a Spiritual Expression

Life Is a Spiritual Expression Dax and Norma through Jenine Beecher

Dax: Your vibration is confused. You are pulled toward past traditions but desire to be innovative. Recognize that the past is gone, concluded, complete. It has nothing more for you. As you know, you create in the present. You must hold that vibration to help you move forward. The only trick is to focus and not be distracted, and this takes a lot of effort.

Being in the present is work when you’re constantly in distraction mode. Unlimited creation flows naturally when you are consistently immersed in the present. The pure point of creation is timelessness.

Being in this present moment does not seem simple when your cellular structure has been taught to match society’s needs. But things are finally changing. You have the opportunity to live in spiritual expression. You see spiritual expression in the youth and wonder how it applies to you. You feel the tug to move in step with the youth, but the process of expression is unclear.