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You Can Make a Difference

You Can Make a Difference The Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

We are here to assist you in understanding all the mysteries piling up around you and your work. Forces at hand have agendas out of sync with the version of reality that shows humans making their transformational shifts. Allow yourself to get comfortable, happy, and joyous, and that will prevent them from succeeding.

So even though drama is all around you, and even though rules and regulations exist that you are supposedly required to follow, we say to you, especially in America, that those rules are not part of the plan, and those people who believe they have authority, do not. Little by little, the people all around you are waking up and discovering that they are being ordered around by those who do not have authority.

We ask you to find your place in that. If you are not a warrior, do not pick up that sword. If you are a warrior and it is your delight to do this, then do it with passion, love, and compassion. Do not pick up the sword and be fierce for fear that you will catch the energy of anger and hatred that is being projected into the reality to cause humankind to hate one another. This energy is false, and we, from our vantage point, are doing our best to disband, dilute, and antidote that energy.