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You Will Save Each Other

You Will Save Each Other Ascended Master Sarah Daughter of the Magdalene through Rachel Goodwin

I am Sarah. Today I wish to speak to you about things that lie just beyond the grasp of your current understanding. You know they are there. You can feel them at your soul level, pulling you forward, always seeking and staying on your quest. Even in the darkest moments, when all hope seems lost, the seeking pulls you onward.

“What if?” “What is this?” “How can I?” These thoughts have the power to keep you seeking, even when all is dark. Everything has a purpose; nothing goes to waste. All is used and useful for the purpose of your ever-continuing evolution. Everything in manifest creation has a polarity. Nothing is all good or all bad. Each thing exists on a continuum, in shades of black, white, and everything between. So what should you do? Learn to use all shades for your ever-continuing evolution. Use everything in your life.

I tell you that all is well. Despite outer appearances in the world, and even in your inner world, nothing is ever lost. Hope is never really gone, because this world and everything in it is manifested by the Divine, and that is the only truth to rest your consciousness on when you lie down to sleep at night. For some of you, this is a matter of faith or meditation practice. For others, it is a particular spiritual practice, a connection with nature or your guides. If you feed yourself the right energy, you stay in a place of balance and equanimity, where this truth stays within you as something you know without having to think about.