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The Spiritual Fire of God’s Unity

The Spiritual Fire of God’s Unity Afra and Voice of Divine Reason through David Christopher Lewis

Afra: I come this hour to Earth and into the domain of your heart, your soul, and your divine mind, where God resides in the effulgence of the spirit as pure love within you, precious ones. I bring you gifts of sacred fire to ennoble each of your souls in a greater manifestation of light. This gives you entry into your divine nature and the beautiful ideal of godliness that you capture when you love God and that you broadcast when you pray and meditate. Through your vision, you promulgate the new era in which sacred brotherhood-sisterhood arises among all peoples and all nations. As the eternal one, it is God’s nature to draw all into this sanctum of light, community of oneness, and family of unity and diversity.

O humankind, it is an epic time to be alive, to experience God within you, and to allow your godly nature to help restore every nation to its original divine blueprint so that a planet shines brightly within the solar system and the cosmos. Its citizens understand the spirituality of life, the dynamics of the path of oneness, and all that is essential to self-realization within this greater journey of oneness with God.