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Earth Needs Divine Feminine Energy for Its Salvation

Earth Needs Divine Feminine Energy for Its Salvation Mother Mary through Marcela

I am Mother Mary. Humanity must make a concerted effort now to connect to its feminine energy. The great polarization we have seen on planet Earth for so long is due to the intense masculine energy present and the powerful imbalance of masculine energy versus feminine energy. Masculine energy is good for many reasons, but it is also dangerous when out of balance.

Masculine energy drives action and much success in the third dimension. It is the energy of doing and taking action. But it is less emotional in terms of the heart. It is quite bound to the feelings that arise in the frontal lobe of the brain where problem-solving and judgment take place. Masculine energy processes, analyzes, and comes to conclusions. It is very cerebral.

Feminine energy, in contrast, is derived from feelings that originate in the heart, not the mind. The heart transmits electromagnetic waves that send messages to the frontal lobe, permitting an individual to make a decision or take action based on the emotions felt in the heart. Again, the action is not taken from emotions that originate in the frontal lobe of the brain; feminine energy makes decisions based on feelings experienced in the heart.