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A Guided Meditation for Clarity and Comfort

A Guided Meditation for Clarity and Comfort Yeshua through Denise Bennett, PhD

Yeshua, this flu seems to be controlling us — so much fear. It has closed down our businesses, schools, and churches. Are these masks truly helping? Then there’s the political showdown. Can you please give us something to calm our nerves?

Yes, dear ones. We know of your angst and sadness and the moments when your faith is shaken. That is why we are here in such great numbers. Now take a breath as we guide you through these rough waters. We begin with an assignment: If you truly want peace, you must participate. We have said this before. You prefer to sit back in your recliner and watch the world go by, shouting at your television sets, just to feel like you are doing your part. But it means nothing. You have given away your power. Let us correct this at once.

In fact, that is what many of you have decided to do. You are standing up for what is right. Does that not feel much better than resigning yourselves to a position of mere spectator? These people are speaking out and putting action behind their [your] words and giving power to your thoughts. Yes, we see the division. But you can rest assured that it has run its course. You are nearing the end of this pain-filled, tumultuous chapter in your human history. Here is your task.