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The Essence of the Matrix of Four

Ethan Indigo Smith

The matrix of four is frequently and obviously at the basis of innumerable philosophical systems, and it is nearly as frequently covertly so.

Your Training Is Over

Supreme Creator Goddess

What does dial-up ascension mean? You all have been working to ascend since you came into physical incarnation. Earth is a school of hard knocks, and it presented over and over all the pitfalls found in lifetime after lifetime.

The Sacred Geometers of the East

Ethan Indigo Smith

Tehuti of Khemet (ancient Egypt) is the original manifestation of the god who became known as Thoth. Tehuti/Thoth is the original sacred geometer, the primal messenger, and a most ancient mystery teacher.

Be a Conduit of Light

Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings and Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, you are desperately needed to bring about the significant change for light and love on Mother Earth. You are called in beautiful ways as you grow and develop your gifts and blessings.

What the World Needs Now

Supreme Creator Goddess

What the world needs now is love, blessed love. This is the song of the soul. Do you hear it calling to you? Better yet, do you answer with “How can I be of service?” Then you wait for the small voice, a feeling to come over you, the sight of beauty, and your heart to open and sing its song.

Shower in the Divine Feminine Energies of April

Siria Family
Sheryl Ann Noday

We are Siria Family, and we greet you on this day. It is a time like no other, a time in which nothing seeks to stand still. It is a time in which you realize there really is no time at all. Many of you have heard that time is an illusion, yet time seems to slip through your fingers.

Your Power of Creation Is Unmatched

The Essences and Pretty Flower
Ari Regala

Your divine breath is here in this moment, as are we, to speak of truth incarnate. Presence is a reality that must be incarnate because what is always is. A present and true reality must be incarnate as it relates to the laws of divine creation. Your divinity calls forth the reality that is.

Peace and Love Are the Greatest Gifts

Benevolent Brothers of Grace
Thelma Bodnar

Greetings and peace to fill your heart! Your world is rapidly changing, and you find yourself having to accept, once again, a new challenge of holding on to what you know as truth. All around you there appear nuances and turmoil and disruptions.

The Invincible Lover

Rae Chandran

Beloved Lover, I long to see you. Your love animates me and makes me alive.

Dawn of a New World


To see the new day, clearing the blocks left by days gone past is imperative. Balancing the dark and light of yourselves is imperative. If you come from light and are made of light by love, then what is the purpose of clearing all your darkness and blocks?


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