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Remembering Lemuria

Heather Robb

Lemuria is seen as the first place on Earth where people lived in peace and were one with all life. I see that it existed at a time before Eden and that there were three Lemurias as Earth evolved into what it is today.

My Conversation with the Ghost of Jesus Christ

David Aiello

The following is an excerpt from a book I am writing titled My Conversations with Ghosts. In the book, I relate conversations I’ve had with those who have passed. These apparitions appear to me, we engage in mostly pleasant dialogue, and then I dutifully document the experience.

Predictions Can Lead to Change

Kevin Raphael Fitch

The astrologer and his student sat outside the front entrance of a retreat near the summit of a hill in Afarland, off the eastern coast of Africa. The student said, “I know this is 2021, but may I share my thoughts about the new year’s chart for year 2020?” “

The Spiritual Lineage in Our DNA

Carmel Niland

Scientists are beginning to unravel many of the mysteries and codes behind our physical world, making it easier for us to understand who we are. We know now that every human possesses DNA — the genetic code that makes each of us an individual.

The Puzzling Stream

David Perez

There are many paths to illumination, and all bring uniqueness to their journeys. It is super cool, though, when the road opens from a totally unexpected direction. It kind of leaves you scratching your head at the magic of life.

Optimism Can Boost Your Work Life


Whether you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, take a look at some of the fantastic ways that optimism can boost your work life. Positive thinking sets the stage for growth in your career. Simply put, if you do not believe you can, chances are that you never will.

The Essence of the Matrix of Four

Ethan Indigo Smith

The matrix of four is frequently and obviously at the basis of innumerable philosophical systems, and it is nearly as frequently covertly so.

Your Training Is Over

Supreme Creator Goddess

What does dial-up ascension mean? You all have been working to ascend since you came into physical incarnation. Earth is a school of hard knocks, and it presented over and over all the pitfalls found in lifetime after lifetime.

The Sacred Geometers of the East

Ethan Indigo Smith

Tehuti of Khemet (ancient Egypt) is the original manifestation of the god who became known as Thoth. Tehuti/Thoth is the original sacred geometer, the primal messenger, and a most ancient mystery teacher.

Be a Conduit of Light

Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings and Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, you are desperately needed to bring about the significant change for light and love on Mother Earth. You are called in beautiful ways as you grow and develop your gifts and blessings.


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