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Discover What Is Truly Yours Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, you are part of a pivotal moment in world history. You are awakening to the full possibilities of reconciling the racial discrimination and inequality that has carried on for centuries. Yet the evil forces are working hard to keep the status quo at any cost.

The will of history is on your side. Too many people have suffered and died at the hands of white supremacists and racists who want to control and subjugate darker peoples. We in India peacefully protested against the hatred, butchery, and brutality of British oppressors in our homeland. We shut down their businesses and industries at their expense, which infuriated them. We undermined their evil efforts to hold us in poverty, servitude, and bondage. We met them peacefully as they beat, tortured, and killed us.

The people and governments of the world heard, saw, and read what the British authorities were doing to us in broad daylight. Their heartfelt and active response to these inequities changed our circumstances and plight. The people of the world understand what is happening now, just as they understood and helped us then.