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The Pinnacle of Balance

The Pinnacle of Balance The Center of A through Debbie Anderson

Sitting in darkness is not necessarily a bad place to be. Go within to visit your shadow side and accept that you are both shadow and light. Then you can bring this new year of 2021 into your being.

January is always a time to revisit the past and make decisions. Some might call these decisions resolutions. Whatever name you give them, we call this a time of revelation, when you reveal what you know and what you must remember.

The past happened yesterday, last month, a year ago, or a lifetime ago. Be present in the vibration of now, as new and exciting avenues open to you and your world on all platforms. You are like a baby, beginning to understand that when you come into the balance of knowing — knowing what you need to change within and accepting this for your greater good — then you no longer need to cling to other timeless elements that you believe are part of your humanness. You are beginning to hear from within — loud and clear — because you are waking up. You have awoken. You rise like the phoenix from the ashes of anger and hatred and the divisions created before you. You were brought to the light to truly see, experience, and understand.