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The Power of Love to Transform Reality

The Power of Love to Transform Reality Lord Metatron through Judith K. Moore

Have faith, and know this truth. I am Lord Metatron. I speak to you from the source of metatronic power and metatronic light. The light of Metatron has the authority to alter the destiny of humanity and the world.

In the dark history of the world, there was a shroud of darkness that surrounded the planet. As the children of light have awakened, the thick layer of dense energy that separated the human heart and the soul from the divinity of Oneness has thinned. The veil has thinned. All over the planet, portals of light have been opened through which light flows from Source Oneness to illuminate global consciousness and awaken the children of humanity to their divine responsibility as human beings to love each other and grow in the light of Oneness.