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You Are Coming Out of the Fog

You Are Coming Out of the Fog Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Emerging from the fog of 3D Earth is a peaceful clarity. Everything seems all right or set right. The only difference is that you may be the only one in your circle to have achieved that in this space and time now called Earth. Rejoice, as this is yours to keep.

You may ascend (actually you have), but if you stay on Earth, there is a purpose for this: to assist all who have not emerged. Slowly waking up is the only way for people to ascend without frightening them. You are not frightened. You live in a bliss state free of worry and strife. It seems like joy is always with you. It is a quiet joy not dependent on external stimuli, attachments, desires, or longings. They are gone. What is left is pure peace and joy, and of course, love — love for all the universe and everyone and everything in it, yourself especially.