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The Divine Feminine Must Lead Now

The Divine Feminine Must Lead Now Jesus through Virginia Ellen

The Christ self is God’s highest ideal of human perfection. It is a state of consciousness you attain through devotion. To know this Christ Self is to know yourself, know and live the love that is within you, ascend to the fifth dimension of unconditional love, and live as unconditional love created by man. Religion has kept women at bay. There is a great fear in the hearts of men; they indeed sense and know that the true power lies within womankind.

Women have within them a great capacity to love. They hold within them the all-encompassing love of the mother, which manifests over and over again through birthing. The feminine aspects of Spirit are kindness, understanding, compassion, strength, generosity, creativity, and intuitive knowingness. Your true strength is in your ability to love. You are as strong as your love is. Put your love into your actions and live it. To be a Christ, you must awaken and live the feminine aspects of the Divine within. Your only power is in speaking the truth and demonstrating love.