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Mother Mary’s Shawl of Light

The Radiance of the Divine Feminine
Jayne Chilkes

The Lady Masters wish to make themselves known in a new way to balance female and male energies on the planet and within. It is time you more fully honored your Divine Feminine and female sacredness with the Lady Masters.

Let’s Celebrate Together

Mother Mary
Janet Desaulniers

Good morning, my beloveds. I welcome this opportunity to be with you and to surround you with my love and comfort. How are you? How does this moment feel for you? As you align with me, you make these moments we share full of love, peace, and joyous celebration.

Three Planes of Existence

All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

The Nebulas plane is 652 light-years away from your planet Earth. At one time, your species thought the Andromeda plane was housed within its confines.

Finding Your Soul Group or Twin Flame

Archangel Raphael
Trisha Michael

Soul groups are comprised of souls who hold similar vibrational textures. In the field of relationships, they can bring in positive or negative reactions to the formula of your destiny together. For example, in the composition of water molecules, the hydrogen loves oxygen.

Kindle Your Inner Fire

Red Eagle
Riz Mirza

Hello. I am Red Eagle, and I am a chief and you are a tribe. You all sit around a fire, and that has been happening for a long time. Why? Why do you sit around the fire in every culture? Why, under the stars, do people sit around that which gives light in the darkness?

You Carry New Life-Code Imprints

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Quantum pioneer masters and emissaries of light, the new stargates to the New Earth spheres of biolight are fully open. Today you must take full responsibility to allow your essence to love you so that the cosmos can provide whatever you require.

Omnidimensional Meanings of Numbers

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

Alone, numbers have great meaning — much greater than just as tools for counting and much greater than representing amounts of things. Yes, numbers are used in other dimensions but entirely differently from how you use them. Of course, each dimension has its own methodology.

The Energy of Our Beliefs

Hugh Campbell

This world of contrast is meant to challenge our beliefs, as it is the energy within our beliefs that create everything around us. Last year’s election has challenged many people to wonder whether it matters who is president.

Shamanic Wisdom: Match Your Vibration to the Vibration of What You Want

Jan Engels-Smith

Like every year before it, the past year brought many challenges, opportunities, setbacks, and progress. We were confronted, as always, with choices in how we view our world and how we respond to the conditions that exist.

Claim Your Dominion

The Cosmic Essene
Sri Ram Kaa

Beloved ones of many worlds, we are delighted to be here at this time of abundant healing. So often we are with you. So often you heal through myriad ways that are perhaps unbeknownst to the will of the form in body that calls forward this healing.


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