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Allow Room for New Beginnings

Allow Room for New Beginnings Susan Owens

If you are in a 1 personal year, June is a 7 month. You experienced six months of new beginnings so far this year, and you’ve been creating a long list of desires to manifest. With 7 energy, it is time to go inward. Connect to your divine guidance and listen. What is your intuition telling you to add to your manifestation list? The inward 7 energy creates new questions, and if answered, then by the end of the month, you’ll have a modified creation list. Rest, rejuvenate, and find the much needed solitude after a family-focused May. It’s all about you now and finding your inner peace. Find your center. Listen to your guidance. Spend time in nature, and meditate as often as possible. Take a weekend course to improve your knowledge and wellbeing. Go on a nature retreat. Now is the time to reevaluate your current circumstances and make changes. Watch your health, and deal with any legal issues that may arise. This is your personal growth month, so direct your energy toward your betterment.