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Your Path Diverges toward the Spiritual Plane

Stephanie Clement

Planets align this month with Acubens, a star in the constellation of Cancer, to indicate a direct daily path to communication with star beings and ascended masters. By July 9, Mercury will have traversed backward through the zodiac to expand the conversation to include the Sun.

Manifesting the Master You Are

Rhonda Smith

September 2013 (24/6 [22])

Making Better Choices

Stephanie Clement

The same three stars mentioned in last month’s article will grace the early afternoon and position themselves overhead again in September — just a little later in the day. This month Dubhe, Merak, and Praecipua all fall between the Sun and Moon shortly before the new moon on September 5.

Adopt an Attitude of Kindness

Donna Taylor

Remember Aesop’s fable about the Wind and the Sun? They were having a dispute about who was stronger, so the Sun challenged the Wind to see who could succeed in getting a man who was walking down the road to remove his coat. The Wind, being a dynamic sort of being, elected to go first.

We Are Not Alone

Michelle Karen

Uranus remains retrograde this whole month. Its shadow period remains until April 3, 2014.

Out of Union Comes Diversity

Stephanie Clement

The stars at the zenith during midday this month are Alkaid and Asterion. Alkaid is in the tail of the Great Bear, part of the handle of the Big Dipper. This star is the home of Brighu, one of the seven rishis or mind-born sons of Brahma.

Finding the Whole Truth

Rhonda Smith

October 2013 (25/7)

Rediscovering Ourselves

Michelle Karen

There will be a lunar eclipse on Friday, October 18, at 4:38pm at 25°45´ Aries. This degree is symbolized in the Sabian symbols by "a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold." Eclipses are always turning points in our lives beyond which nothing will ever be the same.

Vedic Astrology

Kushal Kumar

The planetary movements presented here for November 2013 have been given as per sidereal zodiac, which is 24°3´ less than the more common tropical zodiac. Further, the impact of the movements of different planets has been analyzed using the Moon as the point of focus.

Finding the Key to a More Meaningful Life

Donna Taylor

Being a parent is an interesting journey. I have been and still am learning so much about myself that I probably wouldn't have had I not chosen this path. But I'm not just learning about myself; I'm learning about life and others too.


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