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High Energy for January

High Energy for January The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Passion for change, healing, wholeness, and truth will be running high in January 2020 as the grand trine energies open up the year with Chiron just entering Aries, Vulcanus just entering Leo, and Mars moving into Sagittarius on January 3. Perceptions projected from past experience generate the necessity for being present in the now. This means seeking alternative ways of healing ancient social and cultural wounds perpetuated by lifetimes of fear and lack of comprehension. These old beliefs show up as various forms of fear. January begins a major healing and integration for the shadow aspects of the human psyche, individually and collectively.

Supportive wisdom energies point to new ways to express and empower knowledge, truth, and experience. These invite inclusion, openness, and receptivity as alternative options for all frameworks of living on Earth. Such frameworks are abundant for those desiring ways that are peaceful, unconditionally loving, and supportive of all rather than self-serving. A higher form of selflessness will be expressed. Balanced reciprocity becomes the norm. There will be no justification for dishonoring a clear no or yes in interactions between living beings any more. Listen. Hear. Ask. Share.

We Hat’hor Cat Beings are here to assist in the return of juiciness, joy, and unconditional love on Earth. Invite and invoke our presence with dance, music, conversation, wine, pleasure, and love in all its forms. Our desire is to activate and balance the soul-heart in unconditional love so that “purrfect” vibrations reverberate throughout the body, bringing healing, joy, and ecstasy in all actions.