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Old Issues Still Confront Us in November

Old Issues Still Confront Us in November Lynn Buess

The focus for November is on President John F. Kennedy and his death 56 (11) years ago this month. He is popularly recognized for speaking out against and attempting to confront the darkness that even now engulfs the nation. He was killed on November 22 (11, 22), 1963. The 56 caught my attention, as I had recently watch an unedited video of the film shot by Abraham Zapruder of Kennedy’s assassination. The narrator said it appeared that 7 or 8 shots were fired. As I watched and listened, I could hear 5 or 6. It appeared Zapruder was between the limousine and the grassy knoll while filming the event.

As the car came down the hill into Dealey Plaza, a muffled (more distant?) shot could be heard, and then a traffic sign blocked the view of Kennedy. As he emerged, he was folded over from taking the first hit from behind. Then a louder discharge (possibly 2) obviously missed. Next came the horrifying scene as the driver appeared to reach for something. He raised his left hand and pointed something at Kennedy over his right shoulder. There were 2 or maybe 3 more rapid shots, and Kennedy’s head was hit. The scene was confusing at that point, and one wonders if the mysterious “officer” on the grassy knoll — who appeared to be outlined in one of the images from investigators — also fired.

Many questions about the assassination still linger. For example, what was apparent CIA operative George Bush Sr. doing in the crowd? What did LBJ mean when, soon after the announcement of the shooting, he reportedly said to his mistress, “We finally got the SOB!” Why was so much effort made to ignore the shot to Kennedy’s head and sell the magic-bullet theory?