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Depth, Transformation, and Movement in November

Depth, Transformation, and Movement in November The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

November 2019 begins with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from November 1 to November 20. Scorpio — the triune water sign of depth, transformation, and movement — tends to express at three distinct levels. One level is holding a grudge, getting even, suspicion, and distrust. Another level is the observer, stepping back from ego involvement in drama and soaring like a hawk above the fray. The third level is the phoenix fire energy of transmutation and transformation — observing and only becoming involved when absolutely necessary. It expresses as dragon fire energy, setting fire to old frameworks, foundations, beliefs, and ways of being that can then be reborn from the ashes.

Now is the time for all to choose which level of this powerful, expressive energy will flow from the body and soul-heart essence, reaping the consequences of actions and choices accordingly. This transformational energy is expressed through Hermes (the cosmic trickster), Thoth, Trismegistus, and the winged god Mercury, bringing a time of emotional exchanges through various forms of expression and communication, such as spoken and written words, all forms of media (movies, TV, radio, internet, and phone), music, dance, and other forms of art expression.

Discernment is required at this time so that the soul-heart is empowered and given sustenance only by what it longs for, loves, wills, and desires. Deception of the self and others is possible without diligent, moment-to-moment awareness of present situations and circumstances. Repeating old patterns that were utilized for survival due to fear or distrust of self, others, and life circumstances as children and adults is possible without being attentive to the present moment.