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Quaking Ground — Literally and Figuratively

Quaking Ground — Literally and Figuratively Lynn Buess

Sweeping political and social reforms will take place this year, and January will provide some fireworks for the beginning of this process. Hidden agendas become more transparent, and previous acts of treason and criminal nature will be revealed. The sensational headlines stirred up by the Jeffrey Epstein, John of God, and Welcome to Video sex-trafficking arrests are just the tip of the embedded global network that reaches into the heart of leadership in numerous sectors of global governance and institutionalism.

The political parties will be cranking up the rhetoric and theatrics for another presidential campaign run. There will be retread talk of the Democrats taking down an old, arrogant, abusive, and angry party. It will be most curious to see whether Trump remains a viable candidate after nearly four years of murderous attack from a far-left opposition and press along with mixed reviews from his political base.

Growing reports come from sources regarding the increase of magma movement, volcanic activity, and earthquakes in the western states and particularly the northwest. This year could see some devastating release of earth energies in these areas.