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Lifting One, Lifts All

Lifting One, Lifts All Michelle Karén

How to Read and Use the Following Calendar: This is not the usual Sun sign–based calendar. This is an event calendar that works for everybody, regardless of your Sun sign, to help you create what you wish to manifest in your life, such as signing a contract, selling or buying a house, asking for a raise, going on a trip, or getting married.

For example, if you wish to figure out when to plant your garden, schedule a massage, or just relax, you can choose the Moon in Taurus or look at the last section of this article to see which day would be most conducive for any of these activities. If you wish to organize your desk or schedule an important meeting, use the Moon in Capricorn.

Further refine your search by both looking at the details of each day in the last section of this article and avoiding the void of course (v/c) Moon times. Kindly note that the days and times given below are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).