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Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility Donna Taylor

To understand what is going to be the flavor of 2020, we need only study the planetary dynamics — and subsequent world events — of January. The first month of the year begins with half the cosmos crammed into Capricorn, something that we are getting used to as Capricorn has been the sign in the spotlight for quite some time. The difference now is that Jupiter has decided to join the party. I use the word “party” ironically, for of course Capricorn is not a sign renowned for letting its hair down; it’s more the sign for clearing up the mess afterward. That gives us a clue where we are collectively supposed to be channeling our energies.

In the past year or so, there has been a notable and dramatic move toward taking responsibility for the mess we’re in. Large groups of people are banding together to bring about positive change with movements such as veganism and the Extinction Rebellion continuing to gather strength. While some caution needs to be applied to any movement that sweeps a nation or the planet because of the tendency to attract extremists, the fact that growing numbers of people want to protect the planet is a sure sign that people are waking up.

We can expect this growing sense of responsibility to increase dramatically with the arrival of Jupiter in Capricorn. This planet is not known for doing things by halves, so the themes that have emerged from the planetary focus in Capricorn during the past two years are likely to be amplified tenfold. That’s not necessarily all good. Jupiter does not function well in Capricorn. In traditional astrology, it is said to be in detriment, because the generous, boundless nature of Jupiter can’t express itself easily in the sign of caution and restriction.