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The Coming Aquarius Utopia

The Coming Aquarius Utopia Robert FitzGerald

Astrological ages reveal that this is a time of cleansing rather than doom-and-gloom, destructive endings. By definition, the Pisces dissolution is the washing away of surface delusions in a process of spiritual cleansing. The Virgo polarity to Pisces is purification through the process of disintegration and extinction of the old.

The apocalypse is a process of ascension and not punishment. “Apocalypse” — literally revealing what is hidden — does not mean the revelation of severe punishment for not worshipping God or Christ through the medium of the church. It is the revelation of our God selves. From an Aquarian perspective, the apocalypse is the awakening, perhaps from Pisces to Aquarius to our Aquarius/Leo, god/goddess selves, and our ascension from the duality of bottom-chakra reality — aggression and survival — to a new heart-chakra Venus-loving unity.

According to astrology, two processes are at work right now. One is a standard age change, where religions, mythologies, and cultures align with the incoming new energies. Right now, we are changing from the religious-fear and church-driven Age of Pisces to the radical, humanistic, and scientific Age of Aquarius in 2160. This is fueling our culture wars.