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Accepting What We Can't Change and Finding Inner Peace

Michelle Karen

November is an eclipse month! Eclipses are always very important cosmic events that shift us to a whole new level of consciousness. The changes that occur within the month of an eclipse have farreaching effects (up to nineteen years) and are irreversible.

A Month of Rebirth and Ripeness

Donna Taylor

It's time to fasten your seatbelts, folks, because November looks like a roller–coaster ride. First off, we have an intensely erratic alignment featuring Venus, Pluto, and Uranus, so the Librans and Taureans in particular will need to hang on to their hats.

Connect to Your Inner Power

Rhonda Smith

November 2012 (25/7) gives you the opportunity to connect to your inner power stemming from both your spiritual wisdom and your intuitive gifts. You are awakening to even more spiritual truths and an understanding that the scientific method is a viable way to discover those truths.

Truth, Order, and Economy in 2013 (24/6)

Rhonda Smith

The coming year will begin manifesting the new world — the enlightened society we all want for our future. The principles of its foundation will be truth, order, and economy.

Our Future Is in Our Own Hands

Michelle Karen

Uranus remains retrograde until December 13. The shadow period continues until March 30, 2013, when it returns to the exact same degree it started its retrogration on. It travels this month from 4°41´ to 4°37´ Aries.

A Year of Chaos and Upheaval

Lynn Buess

The universal number for 2013 is 6: 2+0+1+3=6. Six is the number of relationships, responsibility, emotional security, service, and concern for the welfare of others.

Moving Forward into Love and Joy

Donna Taylor

So, this is the month we've all been waiting for, with that key date in particular: 12–21–12. A little later on, I'll be explaining the astrology of that date and what it means for us — not just globally, but also as individuals. But let's begin at the beginning.

Transition of the Ages: an Astrological Overview

mar de luz

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

— Ecclesiastes 1:9

An Antidote to the Selfish Nature of the Modern World

Donna Taylor

Our new year begins with a cluster of planets in Capricorn setting a serious and rather intense mood for 2013. The best use of these energies would be to give some serious thought to the point we have reached on our individual and collective journeys.

Hope Springs for the Future

Michelle Karen

Jupiter remains retrograde this whole month until January 30, 2013. Its shadow period remains until April 25, 2013. In January, it travels from 7º44´ to 6º19´ Gemini.


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