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Re-establish Balance

Re-establish Balance Kevin Raphael Fitch

Extraordinary events condition the collective behavior of communities, states, nations, and the world, sometimes causing radical reorientation of those groups for a cycle. The flow of these events, like the flow of, time can be measured, assessed, and comprehended, because all situations, conditions, and manifestations lend themselves to computation via the stellar sciences.

For example, when was the first time America experienced her unrivaled Pluto return? From late February 2020 until April 24, 2020, transiting Pluto came to within 2 degrees and 34 minutes of exactness to its natal placement in America’s Declaration of Independence chart.

The confluence of Pluto’s placement with the catabolic presence of COVID-19 — and its life-altering political, economic, and social manifestations — has put the people of America on alert: The familiar and mostly unconscious ways of being and doing must be replaced with something more substantial and enduring. This is inescapable. Pluto, as an agent of the first ray of power, brings about the huge capacity to thoroughly crush the complacency that leads to spiritual amnesia and anemia, thus impelling the resurrecting influence of the infinite light within. People are awakening to the light that had lain hidden. Bravo, Pluto.