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Proceed Carefully and Cautiously

Proceed Carefully and Cautiously Donna Taylor

We begin October with the need to proceed very carefully and cautiously. This might be easier said than done, as we could be tempted to push aggressively through whatever impedes or thwarts our progress. There might be good reasons for any delays we experience, and if we can see the reasons for caution, we should be less likely to end up in unfortunate situations.

As Mars continues his retrograde motion from the back end of Aries, he makes a very tense square aspect to first Saturn and then Pluto. This could seem incredibly frustrating as we feel the need to do something but at the same time feel held back. We might, for example, be held back by authority: someone or something more powerful than us that keeps us in check. Or a personal situation compels us to act, but we feel unable to do so. On a smaller scale, the need to proceed carefully and cautiously could apply to our work, because we are more likely to fail if we are careless. But diligence, discipline, patience, and focus can help this transit work out quite well for us.

For those of us restricted by our fears and inhibitions, this transit might push us to confront internal limitations and break free of them. If we find ourselves feeling angry, frustrated, or irritable, we can be sure this Mars transit is bringing us face-to-face with our inner fears or suppressed desires and challenging us to confront them. These internal conflicts likely stem from the part that wants to hold on to what feels safe and secure while the part that seeks growth and fulfillment feels increasingly frustrated. This is why it is inadvisable to make rash actions; instead, look within to see what we really want and what might be holding us back. Then we can proceed with caution.