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Mirrored Months Invite Growth Mastery

Mirrored Months Invite Growth Mastery Kira Raa

Ascended numerology works with all principles of nature in harmonic combination with sacred geometry and an ancient form of arithmancy (a system that assigns numerical values to letters). This sacred formula opens the gateway to the ascension vibration as miracles in action through the conscious connection with the law of instantaneous manifestation. Ascended numerology assists your soul’s evolution into full mastery while in form.

The energy flow for November 2020 is “choice as transformation through timeline adaptation,” and December’s flow is “awareness as profound shift.” The energy flows for both months are numerically identical, which means you can blend the two energy flows as one: the choice of your awareness of the profound shift into a new harmonic experience of creation. This is huge!

This profound moment demonstrates a direct bond between these two months. One mirrors the other with identical numerical sequences, but their energy flows are vastly different. This goes far beyond the mind of form and focuses all energy for each month on up-level dates to clarify the moment at hand. Both months invite depth-of-mastery growth that is unprecedented: a bonafide moment to make the choice to say yes to the extraordinary expansion you can easily claim. Along with this energy, the complexity of cocreation reorganizes itself as a mirror that reflects the light and ignites a robust burst of flame.