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Realign with Truth and Destiny in November

Realign with Truth and Destiny in November Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Mercury continues retrograde in late Libra from November 1 through November 3, as it moves into a stationary position in preparation for forward motion on November 4. This is an auspicious time to rethink, reconnect with, and reimagine the perfect vision of one’s personal life, as well as the vision projected into the world through the power of words, both spoken and written. November 2020 is about realigning the human kingdom with soul-heart truth and destiny. The old saying, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride,” brings a jolt of reality for many who come to realize that wishing something is so by speaking it into existence can only bring perfected vision when devoid of ego and aligned with the cosmic truth of Source.

The energies for November 2020 are harbingers of change as Solar Father cosmic energies shine the light of truth on the changes required. If resisted, these changes could be sudden, unexpected, and disruptive. Interdimensional portals will rapidly open and close with beings, energies, and entities popping in and out of existence. They will bring assistance if invited and invoked or wreak chaos if called through fear, anger, or greed. November 2020 is a time for anything and everything, from miracles to chaos. This will be determined by the awareness, love, fear, or ego of the members of the human kingdom who act as conduits for the influx of energies.

With Venus in its natural loving sign of Libra (the feminine rebalancing the scales as Ma’at), opposing Chiron in Aries (the wounded warrior/healer, ever poisoned and never healed, so neither dead nor alive), old-soul wounds, spiritual splits and riffs, and ancient fears perpetuated by myths and stories that have become twisted and perverted to divide the masculine yang from the feminine yin will seek redress, healing, and rebirth, expressed through either love or fear. People will choose how this activates in their lives. With unconditional love, there is transformation, cooperation, and intimacy. With fear, this transformation and healing come about through war, famine, and disease. All is freewill choice within the soul-heart of each member of the human kingdom.