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I Ching Predictions for the Changes Ahead

I Ching Predictions for the Changes Ahead Nori Muster

Similar to last year, we still face global warming, and we have wasted another four years ignoring science. We’re also in a pandemic that continues to take lives. Along with climate change and the pandemic, we’ve suffered through storms of propaganda and lies.

To look into the future, we can turn to the Daoist oracle, the I Ching (Book of Changes). It consists of sixty-four hexagrams (stories), each told in six lines. The I Ching dates back 3,000 years, and it is still in use today in Daoist temples and is available to everyone.

To find the most productive attitudes for the changes ahead, I selected three hexagrams: Fellowship (hexagram 13), Opposition (hexagram 38), and Not Yet Completed (hexagram 64).