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The Year of Critical Choice

The Year of Critical Choice Mentor through Elizabeth Joyce

Hello, and happy New Year from Mentor and the higher realms. Have faith that we have your back, lightworker. We love and support you as you walk a most-difficult path this next decade. Take our hands, sit, and draw in this powerful energy for your upliftment and freedom. A new world of peace, joy, and love is truly coming.

Two timelines are playing out now on the Earth plane. A loud timeline is breeding hate, lust, control, and violence. You can see it out there, shouting, acting out, and getting louder. The other timeline, as I’ve often said, is quieter, softer, and gentler. You might ask yourself, “Is it really there? All I can see are dark clouds and fear.” Yes, it’s there and busy doing its work.

Light is erasing the darkness, which fights and struggles. As darkness lifts off Earth, it gets louder and louder. It’s like throwing water on the Wicked Witch: “You can’t destroy me! I will get louder and make you believe I’m getting bigger and more threatening!” But the light is holding steady and getting brighter. This higher timeline of light, love, unity, freedom, choice, calmness, abundance, and expansion is here as you enter 2021, the year of expansion and critical choice.