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Last Steps for the Master in Training

Last Steps for the Master in Training Sri Sathya Sai Baba through Paxton Robey

It has been believed by spiritual seekers for many ages that enlightenment won't be attainable in this lifetime, regardless of which lifetime is this lifetime. Now here we are on planet Earth approaching the completion of millions of years of mastership training. We have completed 99 percent of our karmic learning through our chosen path, which includes time spent in Earth school as well as many other classrooms. Having been successful so far in obtaining our learned skills, we are indeed useful partners with the divine in cocreating the new heaven on the New Earth.

Like all of those on a similar path, we have mastered many skills, all useful in their own ways, and our collection of skills makes us unique in our healing gifts. We have learned to control a physical body. We have learned to cooperate with our fellow humans. We have learned the futility of trying to hold power over other people. We learned the loneliness of trying to survive separately from our society. We have studied the effects of karma and learned the pitfalls of doing anything to another that we would not have them do to us. We are well on our way to remembering our oneness with all life. We are now worthy healers and teachers in service to our planet. And here we are, again immersed in that magical once-in-every-26,000- years Aquarian-Age energy in which we do, at last, have an opportunity to complete our training in this very lifetime.

Our Dual Purposes as Masters in Training

Now we wear two hats. One task we have volunteered for is the task of enticing our fellow Earth school friends and soul mates into desiring their own version of awakening. We can't do it for them, but we can be way-showers. Most of this "dangling a carrot" work we are doing is telepathic consciousness work, holding the pattern for the new worldview and for the awakening of the divine within man.