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The Fifth-Dimension Portal Meg Benedicte

Under the intense 2012 energy of the cosmos, we enter the final months of the Mayan calendar, ushering us into the dawning of a new era. The powerful shifts in energy may feel like we are in bootcamp training, pushing against inner resistance to stretch our capacity to grow and evolve under increasing pressure.

Just take a look at the latest news reports to see myriad signs of the karmic backlash deeply seeded within our planet's energetic body erupting in natural disasters, wars, poverty, hunger, and violence. As long as we exist within earthbound human bodies, we will feel the ripples of karma continue to move through our psyches, our nervous systems, and our biology. This is connecting all of us in a planetary field of energy undergoing transformation, which is evident in the growing presence of protest demonstrations forming in cities all around the world.

The ever-increasing photon band emanating from the galactic core has now engulfed our solar system until 4320 AD. The photon field is streaming in new consciousness and awareness that was not present before. It comes in the quiet moments of stillness, within the pause of our breath, in the continual tempo of our heartbeat, and in the still-point standing wave of singularity in our universe. It is forming a bridge between the collapsing world of polarity and the newly forming fifth-dimensional New Earth.