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Are You on the Hero’s Path?

Are You on the Hero’s Path? Sophie Rose

Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart? The heroes — after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams, and hopes — always manage to fulfill their heart’s desires, sometimes while discovering them at the same time. These stories stay in the collective consciousness for generations because everyone can recognize themselves in the hero’s quest and identify with the struggles and the longing for a happy ending. The tales often follow the same themes: At the core is a lonely character searching for a way home or on a quest for true love. A few encounters remind the reader of how difficult that can be; in order to manifest one’s heart’s desire, nothing less than an angry dragon, a wicked witch, a deceitful wolf, or other evil characters must be faced and conquered. There is no straight and easy path; a battle must be fought against lower instincts or senseless behaviors. How does this mirror our human lives?

In our lives, the story often begins with a call for adventure, which has the potential to open a new perspective on life. A meeting with someone or something takes us — the future heroes — in a new direction. However, we often have odd feelings after new meetings and experiences, sensing an attraction yet also sensing a fear of the unknown. We wonder if change is worth pursuing, given the perceived risk and the breakdown of our comfortable routines. There are a few practices that can prevent you from missing opportunities that could lead to attaining your heart’s desire.

Trust That There Is a Road for You

Look at the new interest when you are in a relaxed mood. If necessary, create the circumstances conducive to relaxation, and then quiet your mind and ask yourself how you feel about this new interest. With a little practice, your inner guidance will answer.