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Watching Over Us

Watching Over Us Wendy Zellea

When I was a young child, I frequently had visions of a group of beings sitting in a glass observation booth, looking down on life and watching us as we went through our days. I never thought it particularly strange that there would be someone watching us all day long because it seemed so natural to me. When I looked up at them there appeared to be some who were quite busy at work, but always there were those doing nothing but watching and looking down. I didn’t know then what I know now— that they were angelic guides and masters, monitoring our daily lives until the time came when we could join them. As I grew older, I didn’t think about them; as with other childhood spiritual experiences, I replaced them with more rational thoughts and observations. Even though they were only an old memory, they continued to watch me until the time came when I would once again remember they were there. It is not commonly acknowledged by many that this is happening, because it is not visible to the naked eye, and I am not sure how many children actually see them. Perhaps we all do and the memories are forgotten forever. For me it was not like that; I only put the memory aside until I remembered that things that are real are visible in other ways.

The beings I observed as a child are similar to air-traffic controllers in our airports. They have responsibilities to keep things more or less synchronistically moving forward in good and perfect time. Their job is not to control us, but rather they are monitoring the aspects of reality on Earth that must be kept in check. We as aspiring masters can assist them in this process with our intention to move forward in the ascension process. In addition, when we ask for their assistance, we are working with them to make great strides in our return from the lower vibrations of humanity’s existence here on Earth. When we choose to step into our masterhood, we join them in our efforts from right here. We too become the observers, watching the goings-on of all those who continue to participate in the collective consciousness to varying degrees. By perfecting our ability to remain connected without participating, we strengthen our purpose, which is to live on Earth today while inhabiting a new vibrational reality that has been created by those who have chosen a heart-centered, love-based approach toward life.

As we practice observing others living through happiness, tragedy, growth, and even death, we perfect our ability to remain connected energetically yet unaffected. In other words, we only allow events, emotions, influences, and all other energetic aspects of life into our reality if their vibration is as high as or higher than our own. Anything that vibrates lower we can observe but not embrace—and certainly not integrate into our energy body. This might seem selfish to some; however, our responsibility is to keep our vibration at the highest level possible, and when we allow lower-vibrating energies to affect us, we are not helping anyone. In fact, it’s quite the opposite—after all, it is our responsibility.