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The Energies of Change in 2012 through 2032

The Energies of Change in 2012 through 2032 Paxton Robey

Earth School is a training ground for awakening masters. Over the ages, only a few at a time have graduated from this school into peace, oneness, omniscience, omnipotence, and all that is outside of time. Now as we work together in both the seen and the unseen realms to facilitate the most massive graduation ceremony in history, we need to continue to get more and more comfortable with our role in this miraculous process. This particular period of time does not contain the normal, traditional way of doing things.

The Divine Cleansing Processes within the School of Earth

There are many astrological ages and many galactic time periods to go through. Each age offers specific opportunities for spiritual growth. The years 2012 through 2032 contain powerful energies of change, the unfolding of the new age of love, and the creation of the next 2,600 years on Earth. This is not the time to keep plodding along in a disempowered manner. What will be created in the next twenty years will be more compassionate, more loving, more caring, and more magnificent than anything that has ever been manifested on Earth before. This is big shift time. When the next year has passed, all of humankind will have abandoned any thought of life as usual.

It is still a time, however, when we believe we have limited ability to control our lives or to make a difference in the world. The good news is we are finding out it doesn’t have to be that way. Earth is a school. Schools contain lessons. The lessons earthlings are looking at now are related to thoughts of a limited nature that have been held in mind for eons on Earth. These thoughts, or creative forces, have created the appearance of greed, conflict, hunger, lack, and us versus them. This is all being cleaned up now very quickly.