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The Dreamer

The Dreamer Josie Johnson-Rogers

One night about a year or so ago, a young boy by the name of Jason became aware that he had his very own angel. It happened just after Jason and his mom had said good night to one another. Jason said his prayers and pulled his colorful new quilt up to his chest. He felt so comfortable in his warm and cozy new bed. Jason closed his eyes, and almost instantly he heard a voice saying, “Hello, my name is Doo-Pah. I’m your very own angel. I have come to help you live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.”

“Well,” said Jason, “how are you going to do that when I can’t even see you? Can you see me?”

“Yes, of course,” the angel Doo-Pah replied. “I can see and hear you, Jason.”

“How did you know my name was Jason?”