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Creating the New Day

Creating the New Day David Almeida

What do we do while we are sleeping? Many people believe we set about planning our next day, and there is growing support for this theory. The premise is that humans mentally sort out their experiences at night. This process includes strategizing the direction of the new day.

We cannot determine the course of the future with any accuracy. From a metaphysical perspective, the future has an infinite number of possibilities. These possibilities are not hallucinations; they exist in a real way. Future possibilities become probabilities as they draw closer to us. Eventually, one probability will become our present moment. As time is a continuum, the moments I speak of are on an unbroken chain.

During the sleep cycle, we spend our time working with teachers in a classroom sorting out the day’s events. Since the new day has yet to be created, our teachers help us determine what possibilities to choose. This is a process I call “plotting.” These choices are always in furtherance of our personal growth and spiritual evolution, but there are occasions when a decision leads to negative consequences. We must remember that we made this decision before the event occurred. Such experiences serve to teach us valuable lessons. Some of them are hard lessons to learn.