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Dreaming the Shift

Dreaming the Shift Aluna Joy

Way back when I was still living in Mount Shasta, I had a powerful dream that has never left me. The dream was so surreal and odd — and familiar — that I never thought to share it until now. Let’s face it: It is hard for us visionaries out in the world. We are either labeled psychos or geniuses. But at the risk of either title, the time has come to share this dream now, because I am seeing clues in our world that this dream was not some random, strange dream but a prophetic one.

In my dream, I awoke right in the middle of the grand shift of the ages. It was a bit chaotic, but also there was a weird and familiar order about it all. It felt a bit frantic, but the air was also permeated by a great excitement as well. The atmosphere had a purple tint to it that was breathtaking. There was a huge light beam coming out of the tip of Mount Shasta.

I stopped and looked around to take it all in, and what I saw was amazing. Everyone was scrambling around in somewhat of an orderly way. I saw many of my friends going here and there. They knew exactly where to go and what to do, even though we had never planned this or done it before. Then I saw light ships everywhere! I will not call them UFOs, because they were identified. Everyone thought this was quite normal as well.