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Polarity and Balance

Polarity and Balance Matthew Schonbrun

All of us are engaged in the process of remembering and awakening to our true essences. Each of us gets to decide how quickly or slowly we would like this process of evolution to take. We do so by either paying attention to the guideposts that pop into our lives or choosing to ignore the pre-incarnational road maps we have created for ourselves.

Once awake, many of us start to examine our lives and decide to make changes based on how we would like our lives to look and in what manner that change can most easily occur. For those who are emotionally aware and introspective — who tend to look, listen, or feel within for guidance — it is likely that when evaluating the range of emotions, feelings, and expressions of energy available, we will choose a direction that leans toward the light.

This is natural because, at our core, everyone and everything in creation contains that same living embodiment of loving light within. That is why so many spiritual seekers have adopted the term "lightworker" as their statement of purpose, intent, and identification. But the conscious choice to identify with light over shadow may unintentionally perpetuate the consciousness of duality and could be a trap by prolonging the dichotomy and polarity that exists in this holographic, illusory reality construct.