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Discovering the Potency of Thought

Discovering the Potency of Thought Cullen Smith

Our Pleiadian star friends, Laarkmaa (pronounced "Laaaarkmaaaa"), have asked us to discuss their perspective on the energy of thought. Laarkmaa tells us that thought is one of the most potent energies on the planet at this time. We are trapped in our pain and suffering by the thoughts we think. Our thoughts and perceptions of reality interweave to create our experience.

We have learned to believe that our thoughts are our own, and most of us allow our thoughts to run freely, wherever they take us, without any guidance from the heart. We must realize that our thoughts are broadcasted beyond our own minds into the airwaves and beyond, out into the universe.

Because our thoughts affect others, the importance of connecting the wisdom of the heart to the thoughts we think is paramount at this time. Those of us who are intentionally striving to reach a higher state of consciousness have a greater understanding of the concept that thoughts create reality. Still, according to our star friends, we have much to learn before we really embrace and live the understanding that our thoughts are powerful and our thinking creates our very reality.