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ETs, UFOs, Earth, and Your Life: What Do They Have in Common?

ETs, UFOs, Earth, and Your Life: What Do They Have in Common? Cheryl Gall

Many are reporting more activity (ghosts, entities, and so on) in their homes. Many are questioning the world that we live in and what we have been told lifetime after lifetime. Many are reporting more UFOs in the skies all over the world. We have even discovered more things about the United States when we have looked outside of our country to see what has been documented about us there.

The bottom line is that Earth is changing. There is so much more going on that it can be overwhelming. The only way to understand all of this and to try to comprehend this crazy stuff is to not go into fear, panic, or denial. Slow down the fast-paced life we were taught to have. This fast-paced living keeps us separated from our higher selves. It keeps the battery cable detached. Slow down, breathe, and fall in love with life — your life, all of you, the body you picked. Celebrate the experiences you had, good and bad, as they have made you this incredible person who you are today.

Try to be open-minded and to see beyond the explainable. Use your gut feeling to see whether anything feels right, and then make the right choices for you. This is a place of free will (well, that's what we were told). But many of us have been in a zombie mode and working within the confined space that we were given. The carrots were always in place to keep making us try harder, work harder, and do more and more until we find ourselves sick, tired, and sad. And the funny thing is, we said okay, accepted it, and then chose to continue living this way.