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Out of the Fishbowl and into Our New World

Out of the Fishbowl and into Our New World Kerry Hettleman

Congratulations, you made it! January 27, 2014, we ascended! We have entered the fourteenth baktun,1 the beginning of a new 5,125-year cycle — a.k.a. our new world.

At first, it may have appeared as if the world was different, but if you are like most, you couldn't really put your finger on what had actually changed or shifted in your everyday reality. If you were thinking that all the world's problems would be resolved and things like war, poverty, and disease would cease to exist, unfortunately that is not the case. Things have changed but not necessarily in the way you might have envisioned they would.

Ascension merely implies a raise in vibration, and in this case, it was the end of cycles within cycles and new energies in the birth of the New Earth that overshadows the old. If your life is flowing, you have learned how to surf the waves of change and have adapted to the new vibrational frequency. If you are having issues, you might want to keep reading so that you can understand what is happening and how you too can learn to adapt to your new world.