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The Era of Conscience

The Era of Conscience Cinda Crull

It's exciting that we're heading toward an era of global community consciousness. The elements that don't match the sense of "we're all in this together" are now surfacing to help us to redirect ourselves toward that vision, both personally and collectively. Far from making the well-being of the individual irrelevant, this communal perspective becomes the context within which personal peace becomes fully realized.

Understanding the difference be-tween making loving decisions and positive ones is essential in evaluating our new direction. Positivity is but one half of a duality, the other half negativity. Adopted as a lifestyle — either pole or any other pairing of the halves — is a misunderstanding of the relationship of the two in providing an enriched range of options from which each moment can have its requirements met for real fulfillment. To miss this distinction at a core level is to ultimately invite backlash and polarization, and we all know that experience. This new idea is more than just an exercise in semantics or reinterpretation. It's changing a mindset that has existed for thousands of years.

What's fueling this metamorphosis is love, which doesn't choose sides. Its interest is in the benefit of one and all. It's the one position that surpasses the limitations of any duality, not by denying them but by fulfilling them and through their reconciliation, going beyond their old confines. Love brings a whole new reality based in understanding and a relationship that introduces a genuinely fresh experience for each and for all involved.