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Open to Your Majesty and Recognize the God Within

Open to Your Majesty and Recognize the God Within Catherine Richardson

You've been meditating daily. You've been going to yoga five times a week. You repeat mantras in the shower while opening your chakras though visualization. You systematically pray for peace, love, compassion, and a healthy planet. You follow and "like" the posts of every New Age author on Facebook.

You haven't eaten meat in months. You even quit watching football so as not to expose yourself to the energy of violence. You're nice to people, and they're nice to you in return. You've started to feel as if you really are living in the post-2012 ascension energies you read about in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

So what just happened? A driver ran a stop sign and nearly hit you as you were bicycling home from aromatherapy class. Instead of apologizing, the driver yelled something unkind about the size of your buttocks and gave you the finger as she drove away. Shaking from anger and adrenaline, you responded in kind — complete with your own one-fingered salute and some NC-17 phrases you didn't even realize you knew. Suddenly, your were fantasizing about firing a bazooka into the rear window of her car.