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Spirit Release Therapy

Bob Graham

Imagine, if you will, a lighthouse shining its beam of light out to sea on a dark, rainy night. The lighthouse keeper cannot choose which ships the ray of light guides into port; the light is there for all to see and use. So it is with us.

Et From Ship Filmed Over Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou, China On 7 July 2010

Robert Shapiro



Why the Upshift?

Sarah McCroskey

With all the talk about the shift in consciousness, the end of the Mayan Calendar, 2012, the great turning—and however else you want to refer to our human evolution—one question is rarely addressed: Why? Of course we have played out the game of limitation to its extreme.

Essences of Nature: Playing with Time

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Everyone says timing is everything. We position ourselves and position our lives for our future. We educate ourselves for the right career. We save our money for the house we want and the security we crave. At the same time, we have difficulty moving on from the past.

The Socially Conditioned Parent


The socially conditioned parent is locked behind the prison bars of belief systems. The exceptional cannot take wing within conformity.

Et Sightings Will Increase As Earth Becomes More Benevolent

Pleiadian Human
Robert Shapiro



You have a vehicle in space that is there regularly— some kind of space station or something? I thought I would come by, so to speak [chuckles], and mention something.


Birthing Unity and What It Has Shifted within Us All

Aluna Joy

Just as the Star Elders predicted, we are in a huge integration period initiated by grand alignments, eclipses, the solstice, and the accelerating energies of the Mayan calendars. The cycles are quickening and intensifying at a multiplying rate of speed.

Activities for Children: Shower Song Adventure

Lynne Cox

The birds are singing outside your window as you head for your daily shower. You turn on the tap and hear a tap, tap, spshshshtap, tap. You ask yourself, "Is it hot or cold?" "Aha!" you say. "It's just right."

Activities for Children: Happy Heart Adventure

Lynne Cox

Angel . . . Angel, are you there?" you ask aloud.

"Of course I'm here. I'm always here," replies Angel.

A New Day

Stefanie Miller

I woke up quite early this morning. I took my dogs out for a walk and felt a gentle breeze in the air—the same breeze I felt last night while I walked them by moonlight. The wind whispered to me of new beginnings. Oh yes, I am so ready for new things to come!


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