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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Own the Joy of Living Fully

Maria Yracébûrû

Go ahead! Go ahead! The time has come! Beneath the encircling sky, life stretches, leading us to unique expressions of sacred power.
Nakia (Rainbow Serpent): A teaching we accept is our oneness. Interdependence lies in living connected and sustained.

Essences of Nature: The Great Mother

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Our first relationship is usually with our mother. We love her. We adore her. We don’t like her. We fear her. We feel judged by her. We do things to spite her. We make decisions despite her advice. She is that voice in our minds — good and not so good. If not for her, we wouldn’t be here.

Essences of Nature: Warrior Heart

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Courage isn't about not having fear. Courage is when we have fear and face what we are afraid of. We may be shaking in our boots and want to run and hide; however, we rally a force and a truth from deep within ourselves to face our challenges.

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: The I Becomes the We

Maria Yracébûrû

Rattle! Designed in such a way as to find ourselves — this was not out of necessity but by choice — life is fashioned and maintained.

Ask the Angels: The Angels Are Always with You

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Have the angels ever said anything about the end of Earth? Will there be an end to Earth? What will happen?"

— Lily, Dallas, TX

Dream Zone: Choose What's Best for You

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

In my dream, I am in a strange, unfamiliar corridor — no windows or doors, no clear exit. I am alone except for the awareness that I am being watched.

Benevolent Outcomes: MBOs and BPs Raise Your Vibration

Tom T. Moore

Muushu is a male Coton de Tuléar who was unusually high-strung and agitated. His owner called me to see whether I could help calm him down. When I first met Muushu at the door, he barked uncontrollably and ran around as if he were insane. It seemed as if he didn't want me to come inside.

Shamanic Wisdom: The Brain Dynamics of Shamanic Journeying

Jan Engels-Smith

The shamanic journey is one of the oldest known methods for connecting to the invisible realms. The rituals of shamanism differ in method, style, and beliefs from one culture to another, but they have deep roots in ancient societies throughout the world.

Animal Whisperer: A Purr-fect Partnership

Kim Malonie

I am deaf in this lifetime, and in working with Sparkie [my cat], I sense her vocal sounds through my mind ("maaaaah" is the sound vibration I sometimes "hear"). It's as if I pick up her thought energy even though I can't hear her.

Ask the Angels: Joy Blossoms from Thankfulness

Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I know the people who write you (or read this magazine) are spiritually minded people. I'm not. I don't really like my life. When I look back on my life, it's been pretty rotten. What am I supposed to be doing that I'm not doing? I'm in emotional pain from a devastating breakup.


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