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Essences of Nature: Dissolve the Dramedy

Essences of Nature: Dissolve the Dramedy Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Jim Morrison of the iconic Doors once said, “No one here gets out alive.” We all begin at a place of feeling loved and powerless at the same time. The scales tip back and forth until we tilt in the direction that either empowers or overwhelms our prospects. We deal with what we deal with, sometimes blindly, and often rage at the unfairness of our circumstances. We question and cajole. We get tested, and we pay the toll.
We know what we want and what we don’t want. As I have stated in the past, most of us get stuck in what we don’t want. We don’t want to repeat our mistakes. We don’t want to work harder. We don’t want to try so hard. We don’t want our lives to be how they are right now. So we look for a way out, but we get impatient. We lose traction. Our efforts don’t seem to make a difference. How do we dissolve our protective layer of known dramedy?
To Create Positive Change
Evening primrose essence is our “feeling rejected and unwanted” essence. This essence helps us navigate the uphill climb to embrace all our intrinsic value and worth. We may feel we have been dealt a hand that we do not have the tools or will to play well. We make do with what we have and lower our expectations to be “realistic.” We have difficulty embracing how our lives could be the way we desire them.