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Ask the Angels: Souls in Heaven Hold Only Love

Ask the Angels: Souls in Heaven Hold Only Love Cheryl Gaer Barlow

My Dad and I had some serious disputes before he died, and I can’t seem to put them behind me. I went to a psychic and got a reading to solve these. She said he was happy, had open arms for me, and loved me. This doesn’t solve my feelings. In heaven, is every dispute forgotten, “swept under the rug,” or doesn’t exist anymore?
— Daniel, Los Angeles, CA

From the angels: You will notice that the feelings in the heavens are all of love. Things you felt were so important on Earth are meaningless in the heavens. Souls there understand your feelings of anger but hold only love for you and return only love for you.

The life spent on Earth is only a shadow of the real life in the heavens. You will understand when you enter heaven. Enemies become beloved friends. Harsh words and actions are dispelled in the bliss of heaven.