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Be Love Now

Ram Dass

A human life is a series of experiences. When we have little awareness of our predicament, experiences feed our attachments and condition our desire for more experiences. Our perspectives change when we begin to sense, even momentarily, the unity of all things and our identity with the Self.

Essences of Nature: Make Revolutions, Not Resolutions

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Here we are again. This is the starting place for all new possibilities to begin again. This time we are going to do it differently. This time we are going to get on that exercise program. This time we will forgo that extra meal or that extra scoop of ice cream.

True Confessions of a Reformed White Knuckler

Stefanie Miller

These are the true confessions of a reformed white knuckler. I've had to pry my clammy little fingers off of the control I'm trying to maintain over issues that I just basically can do nothing about in the present moment. I have to come clean and take responsibility for them.

Moment of Transcendence: Self-Love: The Bliss of Union

Heather Fraser

The single greatest act of self-love I have ever performed was to draw a line in the sand and say, "Despite my fears, from this point forward, I'm going to honor my self and my gifts." To begin writing again and to express my divinity was an act of self-love.

Explore and Express the Ideal of Love

Meredith Murphy

You are an eternally valid being, creating not just multiple versions of you, but expanding and recreating civilizations by time-jumping forward, backward, sideways, and so on. This has become very real to me lately.

You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher

Wendy Zellea

Those of us who have embarked on a spiritual journey have, more often than not, had teachers, taken classes, gone to seminars, and learned many techniques that have been helpful in facilitating our participation in conscious human evolution.

Activities for Children: Ant Adventure

Lynne Cox

As you walk out your front door, you bend down to tie your shoelace and you notice an ant crossing on the sidewalk in front of you.

"Well, hello, Ant," you say to him.

"Thanks for noticing me," Ant replies in the tiniest voice you have ever heard.

Shamanism Is Dead: Long Live Shamanism!

Tom Wright

In December 2010 I had the privilege of asking the following questions of don Miguel Ruiz, a fellow Toltec healer and the author of The Four Agreements. They were designed to ferret out a new understanding of our roles as shamans and healers in the world today.

Pleiadians Request ETs' Help in Project to Help Earth Humans Awaken

Z'kch and His Brother
Robert Shapiro


In the Meantime

Stefanie Miller

I was waiting to write when I had something really inspirational and uplifting to say. I was hoping there would be a sudden shift, for my enlightenment to return and the storm clouds to pass. Sorry, but that is not the case.


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