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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: You Are All That You Need to Be

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: You Are All That You Need to Be Maria Yracébûrû

Don’t forget to breathe from your center. We’ve learned to not breathe so that we won’t feel the intensity of our feelings. That stresses our muscles. We stiffen up and keep old emotional experiences in our cellular storage bins. Right now, consciously relax, and breathe out tension. You know many ways to do this. Smile now, and firmly say aloud, “I am all that I need to be!”

Let’s experience one year as an experiment. Let’s choose to learn to be in harmony with our planet. Changes happen daily, calming our emotions and stabilizing Mother Earth. It is suggested that we implement one fact: Our emotions are the planet’s weather patterns. You already know this intellectually, but the state of the world tests your belief system.

The sacred parents — Earth and Spirit — tell us to practice connection with prayer affirmations. Be calm, and breathe through the heart. Experiencing the signs of confirmation is part of the procedure. This means to acknowledge the bird, the breeze, a stone, or a human being who shows up out of nowhere and gently touches your heart with its presence. Imagine being able to communicate and receive viable spiritual information.